Friday, August 08, 2008

Barack's Oil Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

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McCain is on the ballot and in bed with Exxon and Obama is clean of any oily residue, right? Uh, no:

Through June, Exxon employees have given Obama $42,100 to McCain's $35,166. Chevron favors Obama $35,157 to $28,500, and Obama edges out McCain with BP $16,046 vs. $11,500. McCain leads the money race with nearly every other top giver in the oil and gas industry, though -- Koch Industries, Valero, Marathon Oil, Occidental Petroleum, ConocoPhillips, the list goes on. (You can see detail on all these companies in the spreadsheet linked below.) McCain also has a big edge with Hess Corp. -- $91,000 to Obama's $8,000 -- which has gotten some attention. And, overall, McCain's campaign has gotten three times more money from the industry than Obama's has -- $1.3 million compared to about $394,000.
Of course McCain has received more from the corporations but Obama is receiving quite a bit from individuals employed by them. I guess those people don't yet realize that The Messiah aims to put them out of work, pronto, if elected because he has to lower the seas and make the world cooler and American Big Oil companies are the reason for all the worlds ills.

So Obama has a campaign plane without a single US flag but he should really apply this logo if he wanted to be honest:

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