Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain to Reveal VP Selection at Noon Today

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The consensus is Gov. Pawlenty of Minn. but I'd watch for the curveball such as Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison or Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. The media would have to cover it as a monumental election with an African-American and a woman.

Palin is my hope as she is smart, has a great story and let's face it, she's good-looking.

The ads would make themselves up, Senator Obama had to select an establishment candidate who is as DC-insider as anyone to bolster his credentials while Sen. McCain is the true voice of change. And dude, she fishes.

I'll post it as soon as it's announced with my comments.
Update via Hot Air: Maybe? To be believed?
Update 2: Is Romney in Dayton or not? Not Romney, please.

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