Friday, August 29, 2008

Convention Notes--Final Donk Edition

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Obama's speech was soaring and exactly what you'd expect from a candidate accepting the nomination. It was good, not great, but good. In the eyes of Olbermann though, it was magnificent and should be treated as gospel. Anyone who disagrees is not capable of holding their job even if they are a respected reporter:

So Olbermann was outraged that the AP's Babington had written, in his analysis of the speech, just off the wire, that Obama had tried nothing new and that his speech was lacking in specifics. He read the first few paragraphs on the air, lamented that it would be printed in hundred of newspapers on Friday, and concluded, "It is analysis that strikes me as having born no resemblance to the speech you and I just watched. None whatsoever. And for it to be distributed by the lone national news organization in terms of wire copy to newspapers around the country and web sites is a remarkable failure of that news organization.

"Charles Babington, find a new line of work."
They will brook no dissent from the mostly compliant media. Bonus: Prima donna Olby needs more protection, I'm guessing from his felow employees at MSNBC.

The GOP may delay their convention if Hurricane Gustav appears about to hit the Gulf Coast on Monday.

Jimmy Carter continues to be the least classy former president in this nations history. I guess his calling Obama a "black boy" will go unchallenged.

Kaus breaks it down without the breathless fawning we see from Olby. You know, kind of how a reporter should report the news. Kaus wasn't so impressed. The best line:

Why the slow, angsty movie-music at the end? I thought someone in the Politburo had died.

Here's to hoping they're too drunk to come up with any tax-sucking legislation.

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