Friday, August 29, 2008

Will Hillary Be Back in Play to Save the Day?

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Jim Geraghty channels Nostradamus. Not as crazy as it sounds as the Dems are desperate for this and Obama has to know he screwed up royally by selecting old "plagiarism" Joe.

Update: Palin credits Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary for paving the way:

The McCain campaign is running on all cylinders right about now.

Update: Remember those Hillary supporters Barack was counting on biting the bullet and voting for him? Don't be too sure about that being the case, Sen. Obama. What a class move it was for Palin to thank the two women who made it possible for her.

Maybe Geraghty is on to something.

Update: Holy shit, McCainocrats or as the pic below says. This is from the Hillary Forum:
Obama has himself a problem.

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