Monday, June 09, 2008

Lefty Losers On the Rampage

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Okay, follow me on this.

Some knucklehead posting at Markos (Screw Them) Zuniga's meeting place of idiots and anti-Semites is setting up a night out in which they'll storm Bill O'Reilly's house and yell through bullhorns or some such garbage. Here's the gist:

So this summer,there will be another confrontation. BillO lives on Long Island. I plan on chartering at least one bus - hopefully more - from New York City. We'll visit Bill with vets and Jews and African-Americans and peacefully set forth our grievances. We'll ask for an apology and suggest ways in which BillO might improve his behavior in the future.

Of course, if none of that works, we'll have bullhorns. We'll chant "Hey motherfucker, where's my iced-tea?" We'll set up a tent city for the homeless vets on BillO's lawn. We'll bring a Rabbi with us to help us celebrate Judaism. Hell, we may even bring some falafel with us.
Sounds like a blast; ten or twelve losers who can't find a date or anything better to do will roll up on Bill's crib and play a newer version of ding-dong-ditch and get their collective jollies. The highlight will be the circle jerk where they compare O'Reilly to Goebbels for three hours while playing bongos and smoking a big, fat blunt.

But this is even funnier. The idiot cites a similar approach by a lefty organization in Cleveland who stormed the house of a Countrywide VP in response to foreclosures in the Mistake by the Lake:

CLEVELAND - Folks on Humphrey Hill Drive were still waking up on the icy Saturday morning the shark hunters came to town. They rounded the suburban traffic circle in a pair of rented school buses after a half-hour ride from far more modest neighborhoods, rumbling to a stop at the Garmone family's driveway. Forty-two caffeinated Clevelanders piled out, their leaders carrying bullhorns.

Their quarry, Mike Garmone — a regional vice president at Countrywide Financial Corp., the nation's largest mortgage lender — didn't answer his door. So they deployed, ringing bells at the big homes with three-car garages, handing out accusatory fliers and lambasting Garmone and his company's loans. Before departing, they left their calling card — thousands of 2 1/2-inch plastic sharks flung across Garmone's frozen flower beds, up into the gutters, littering the doorstep.
Nice, sounds pretty environmentally friendly if you ask me.

But that's not my point. My point is, don't you find it a bit funny that the brainless poster at Kos cites a protest against a Countrywide VP on the same day that one of the men who their candidate--Barack Obama--selected to vet real VP candidates is mired in a scandal because of his deep involvement with...wait for it...Countrywide?

Countrywide Financial Corp. makes mortgage loans through a vast network of offices, brokers and call centers. But a few customers have gotten their loans a special way: through Countrywide Chief Executive Angelo Mozilo.

These borrowers, known internally as "friends of Angelo" or FoA, include two former CEOs of Fannie Mae, the biggest buyer of Countrywide's mortgages, say people familiar with the matter.

One was James Johnson, a longtime Democratic Party power and an adviser to Sen. Barack Obama's campaign, who this past week was named to a panel that is vetting running-mate possibilities for the presumed nominee. Another was Franklin ...
So the Kos Kid has no trouble citing a successful protest of a Countrywide VP but is mum about one of Obama's inner circle who received low interest loans that the average man or woman could never get from the same company.

Nuance my friends, nuance.

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