Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Latest Thing to Blame on US: Food Shortages

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Liberals have no problems with playing six-degrees of separation with any world problem, but instead of linking it back to Kevin Bacon, they link it to America.

The latest example is the so-called global "crisis," which this misguided lefty and Nation correspondent should be directly linked to evil US corporations:

The only surprising thing about the global food crisis to Jim Goodman is the notion that anyone finds it surprising.

"So," says the Wisconsin dairy farmer, "they finally figured out, after all these years of pushing globalization and genetically modified seeds, that instead of feeding the world we've created a food system that leaves more people hungry. If they'd listened to farmers instead of corporations, they would've known this was going to happen."

The food shortages, suddenly front-page news, are not new. Hundreds of millions were starving and malnourished last year; the only change is that as the crisis has grown, it has become more difficult to "manage" the hunger that a failed food system accepts rather than feeds.
OK, typical lefty drivel showing that they were smarter than everyone ese and knew it was problem years ago because they are brilliant. A short Google search shows that Mr. Nichols wrote about this "problem" only a few times before (I don't have Lexus so it had to be google) and also that he's a Kucinich supporter.

Let's continue:

The current global food system, designed by U.S.-based agribusiness conglomerates like Cargill, Monsanto and ADM and forced into place by the U.S. government and its allies at the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization, has planted the seeds of disaster by pressuring farmers here and abroad to produce cash crops for export and alternative fuels rather than grow healthy food for local consumption and regional stability.
It's the evil corporations who are forcing the great unwashed to kneel before their power. It's the vile WTO, IMF and World Bank who are to blame. Note that he never once mentions socialist policies practiced in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea to note just a few. Any one who has cracked a history book knows that Stalin set the standard for food disasters during his regime by collectivising the farming industry in the former Soviet Union.

Was it not lefties who called for alternative energy sources? That's what biofuels are and now they have been proven to be a disaster so they disavow them.

Beyond humanitarian responses, the cure for the global food system - and an unsteady U.S. farm economy - is not more of the same globalization and genetic gimmickry. That way has left 37 nations with food crises while global grain giant Cargill harvests an 86 percent rise in profits and Monsanto reaps record sales from its herbicides and seeds. For years, corporations have promised that problems would be solved by trade deals and technology - especially genetically modified seeds, which University of Kansas research suggests reduce food production and the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development says won't end global hunger. The "market," at least as defined by agribusiness, isn't working.
The left has been railing against GM foods since their inception to the detriment of millions world-wide. Just as they fought to ban the pesticide DDT in the 60's and 70's, which has resulted in the deaths of millions to malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. In other words, ideology trumps any beneficial effect...or disastrous effect for that matter.

Anyway, read the entire piece and you'll see pure socialism at work blaming the world's ills on America and our imperial capitalistic policies. These people really do hate America, don't they?

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The Old Man said...

The problem is that they are absolutely right. The pinheadedib-ruls demanded no drilling and corn for fuel. The Law of Unintended Consequences ate their shorts and fouled up thefood balance (see food riots in Tortillastan - I mean Mexico over the cost of corn...)