Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Soon to Be Citizen Ron Paul?

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He's down by 11% with a few weeks to go in his Texas congressional primary and getting hit hard from the right:

My own source backs this up. Paul's campaign is looking at internal numbers showing Peden with a 43-32 lead over Paul, with the primary just weeks away. Conservatives have been rallying to Peden, including the folks at RedState, in an attempt to oust the anti-war flamethrower. 11 points with three weeks to go. You have to like those odds. Peden has been added to my slatecard of candidates to support, so throw him some love if you despise the Ron Paul anti-Republican contingent as much as the rest of us.
Too bad his band of 9/11 Truthers can't go down and campaign for him or spam a few polls to get him 3-4%, hell, that's all he got in most primaries. You have to admit though; how sweet would it be to see that roving band of 9/11 conspiracy theorist's and nutjobs get their collective asses kicked straight out of Texas into Louisiana or Arkansas?

Adios Dr. Paul and take the troglodytes with you. If you live with the scum, you'll die with the scum.

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