Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dark Times for the GOP

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Barack Obama is cruising right now and we've not seen a candidate draw like he does. My brother just called me from Annapolis and the woman at the table told him that they've had massive turnout after 8:00 (initial poll closing time but pushed back for weather) and it was 80-90% Democrats. They haven't closed the polls yet but I guarantee that Obama wins by 8%.

That says to me that Obama can turn them out and if he's the nominee, I predict the Dems will gain a veto-proof majority and the house will have at least 55-60% Democrats. Obama will run unchecked. The results will be disastrous.

But on the bright side, once the country gets even a small dose of national healthcare and higher taxes as well as retreat in Iraq and the War on Terror, it may make 2010 seem like 1994 again.

This might not be such a bad thing. Everytime the country gets a taste of liberalism, they always go back to the Conservative way. McCain is not the one to fight off Obama unfortunately so we'll have to suffer for the next two years at least.


Zooomabooma said...

Scott -- I hate to say this because not only do I respect your opinions, I agree with you like 99% of the time...

but in this post you're sounding like a typical pessimistic liberal. Perhaps it's a stereotype, and I hate to label all people across the board (even if I totally disagree with them,) but many liberals seem to only see doom and gloom ahead. Maybe less so right now because Obama is looking really good, but usually they can't wish for the best outcome, they seem to want the worst.

I almost get that feeling here.

When you're 8 games down in the standings with a month to go, and in the game you're playing you're down 5 runs going into the 9th inning, do you give up and look forward to next season?

I believe it would be better for America to move forward with McCain than the Clintons or Obama.

With Obama looking so strong right now, shouldn't we be thinking about doing something extra to sway opinion and/or get people out in November to vote Republican?!

You said it yourself -- "the results will be disastrous."

So why just let that happen?

Rather than hanging on every note of American Idol, I pay attention to this stuff, maybe not as much as you, but I've always got the news on, I'm reading stories online, I've got a good grasp on it all. But I've never been involved in helping get someone elected. That might change this Spring, Summer, and Fall because I don't want disaster. I hate to think negatively about the outcome the first week of November -- so why not be optimistic and put some extra work in to prevent disaster?

Fact o' the matter is you and I and those we love and care for will not be safer under President Obama. I actually think Hillary might keep us safer more than Obama but neither will as much as McCain.

Scott said...

I'm an optimist, bro. Yet, the tea leaves are forecasting a romp by Obama. Look at the amount of votes the Dems get collectively versus the GOP.

With the myriad GOP Senators retiring, that's a lot of seats to make up and if Obama draws more Dems, it's bleak.

Things can change and I know that but from my vantage point at this time, we're toast.