Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Obama Landslide, a McCain Reality Check

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Fox has already called Virginia for Obama while polls in Maryland are not closed as yet.

On the GOP side, Huck is making life miserable for the Maverick and is making one hell of a play for the Veep spot.

Alright, this ain't good for Shillary at all, Obama by more than thirty thus far. She can say that Texas and Ohio are the big ones but this gives Barack Obama some serious momentum going into that day. If white, Liberal men and blacks think Obama can really win this thing, Hill is gonzo. By this time next week, we could be asking who Obama is thinking about for his Veep. First thought: it ain't gonna be Hillary. Second thought: Feingold.

Update: Maryland traffic is a mess according to my DC source. The Sec State has decided to leave polls open until 9:30. Hey, more time to raid the cemetaries for the Clinton folks.

My source also said that he heard over the air that they called it for Obama.

Note to my source, enjoy those beers, bro.

Update: 8:30 and Fox calls it for McCain in a close one 47%-45%. He gets all the delegates but I agree with HA that it's close enough for Huck to keep on truckin'.

Obama up by 25% with 61% reporting. That's a good old fashinoned ass-kickin' my friends.

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