Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday Linkfest

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Busy the last two days so no posting. Two days in the blogosphere is like a decade in the real world.

Anyway, some good links of note:

Ace wins the CPAC Blogger of the Year award and some dude named Andrew Sullivan is pissy about it and a liar to boot.

High-ranking Dem in sex scandal with teen boy. Just imagine if there was an R after his name.

Fred is angling for the Veep slot. He'd be a good choice I believe.

Exxon is playing hardball with the little Fidel wannabe Hugo Chavez. How's free-market business smacking you upside the head feel, Hugo?

You know how liberals are always railing against Israel for installing a protective fence that supposedly keeps the Palestinians from working, etc? How come they are not upset about the Egyptians doing the same in Gaza? That's rhetorical. The Egyptians have stepped up security after finding peaceful members of Hamas with explosives and other nice things.

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