Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Enemy Within: Translator Found With WMD Docs

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Fighting the insurgency is hard enough, especially in 2003-2005. Having one of your own aiding the enemy makes it that much tougher:

How the classified military documents from Iraq, which named the coordinates of where the Army suspected weapons of mass destruction to be hidden, ended up in an Arabic translator's apartment on Hoyt Street in Brooklyn, is clear.

Not likely to be known anytime soon is what, if anything, the army contractor did with the documents.

The U.S. attorney's office in Brooklyn, which is prosecuting the case, appears to have little direct evidence that Noureddine Malki passed information on to the insurgency, either during his time in Iraq in 2003 and 2004, or upon his return to America in 2005. But it has raised the possibility that he may have done so. The government has said Malki regularly called phone numbers connected to insurgents and took bribes of at least $11,500 from Sunni tribal leaders.

The government, prosecutors wrote in one court filing, could "establish that the defendant had an opportunity to provide stolen classified information to anti-coalition forces."
Emphasis mine.

The guy took money and called known terrorist's phones. He has been found with incriminating documents and I would imagine that once the investigation really gets going, they'll find more.

It makes me wonder once again if Muslims have loyalty to their country or their religion first. It seems that religion trumps all in most cases and that my friends is a national security issue in itself.

With all the campaign talk of the last few weeks, we've not covered the War on Terror--the single-most important problem facing the next President. Perhaps it's time the questions about national security get asked of the Democrats because they've barely even discussed it thus far.

H/T: Charles at LGF.

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