Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quite Simply, If It's Not Obama, It's Chaos

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The Dems just don't get it, do they? Al Gore and other "Senior Democrats" just don't grasp the enormity of the situation. It's abundantly clear that young people and blacks have taken to Obama as no other candidate before. If he's not the candidate, it's anarchy in the US for sure.

Obama has won more states and will probably have more delegates heading into the convention. Hillary is angling to get the delegates from Michingan and Florida introduced, benefiting her and cheating in a more audacious fashion than any candidate since Kennedy stole the election from Nixon.

The Dems see a problem, they just don't see the problem. It's evident that the white men (and woman) of the party are attempting to rob the African-American of his due, they will lose the black vote forever and will face an electorate that will not vote out of pure spite (and I'm having a friggin' blast pulling the same racial bullshit the Dems have pulled against us for decades). The NY Times gets it almost right piece:

But they also provided an early glimpse at the complex set of tradeoffs facing party leaders, from their desire to make their own influence felt to their worries about offending the candidates and particular constituencies — not to mention the long, sometimes troubled relationship between Mr. Gore and the Clintons.

The issues party leaders are grappling with, they said, include how to avoid the perception of a back-room deal that thwarts the will of millions of voters who have cast ballots in primaries and caucuses. That perception could cripple the eventual Democratic nominee’s chances of winning the presidency in November, they said.
No, not the nominee: Hillary, plain and simple. If the nominee were Obama, people would agree that he earned it and deserved it, regardless of what Hillary wins from here on out. If the nominee is Hillary, the party is headed towards oblivion. The turnout will be miniscule and the GOP may well actually gain seats in the Senate and House. That's what the future portends and I couldn't be happier watching the party establishment, the NY Times and every other Democrat sweating and wringing their collective hands.

Fun times indeed.

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