Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Night Music--Offspring Edition

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I've always been a fan of Offspring. The story of Dexter Holland, a pretty samrt dude and Noodles, a guy who was janitor when they all joined is as American as any story. Holland was a PhD candidate at USC and hold a Masters. He neglected to pursue his doctorate to play with Offspring.

Their music is a post-punk blend of anti-establishmentarianism mixed with a realistic look at American society.

First is Hit That about guys and girls who have no responsibility at all and sex is the only thing that matters. Kids and consequences be damned:

Next is Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) that ridicules those white dudes you see who live in the suburbs and wear their pants low, their hats sideways and want so bad to be those dudes who would absolutely kick their asses if they met them:

Next is a view of America from a perspective not heard very often. It's a neo-liberal perspective but interesting. Dexter has a view of things that is different than any other songwriter and spells it out completely in your face. Here's the Offspring view of Americana, no video was made and the live videos are garbage. Note, strong language warning:

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