Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh Che Do You See? Guevara Flag in Obama Staff Office

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A local Fox affiliate toured Obama's campaign offices and lo and behold what did the office staff have hanging on the wall?

Of course, many didn't seem to have a problem with posting a flag potraying a man who was instrumental in the deaths of tens of thousands and helped sentence Cubans to half a century of despair. People like the misguided John Cole who wrote this:

BTW- Is there anyone except the troglodyte right who thinks our Cuba policy has been a success and doesn’t need to be thought through? I mean, if you want to look at long-term failed policies, Cuba could be right up there at the top. What exactly has been accomplished?
Uh, John, what if that were a Nazi flag, say, hanging in McCain's workers office? Or maybe a rebel flag in Huckabee's campaign staff's office? Weren't the KKK revolutionaries in their own minds? Castro would have equaled Hitler's murderous treachery had he had more people and another Che.

The most telling thing about this is not that Obama workers tend to be deeply socialist or even communist but that people like Cole are so knee-jerk about their reactions. Ed said it so John Cole has to be opposed regardless of the offense the flags presence may cause many Cubans who have lost relatives to the vile Castro regime.

No, in John Cole's world, suffering of fellow humans is not nearly as important as trying to score meaningless political points with the 1/10th of one percent of who care to read blogs. But hey, you got some nice hits off Cap'n Ed and Memeorandum John, it was a good day I guess.

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