Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama May Raise $60-Million This Month

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Jeez Louise. Obama is pretty much unstoppable and I'd imagine the only reason Bubba is out on the stump in different states is simply because Shrillary must be impossible to live with at this point.

It's got to be a smack upside the Shills dome to realize that what people have been saying for a decade--that people don't really like her--is actually true. She's currently trailing everywhere and going into the debate tonight on the always irritating CNN (my hotel room on Times Square does not carry Fox btw) won't make a damn bit of difference unless Obama suffers an unforseeable meltdown.

With union honchos calling for her to step aside and her inability to let go of Clintonian politics, it should be fun watching the party rip itself apart.

Again, as I said before, it's a blast to watch the Clinton camaign absolutely implode. Tonight will only make this worse. That's cool with me.

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