Thursday, February 21, 2008

Global Cooling Costing Billions of $

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Since it doesn't quite fit into the global warming paradigm, global warming industry (and yes, it is a lucrative industry, just ask Al Gore) hacks haven't commented much on the extreme cold and snow that has devstated large swaths of the planet. How bad have weather-related issues been? This bad:

In China - the only example to have attracted major coverage in Britain - the worst snow for 50years triggered an unprecedented state of emergency.

Large parts of the country have been paralysed, as rail and road transport ground to a standstill.

More than 25,000 miles of power lines collapsed under a weight of snow and ice they were never designed to cope with.
Snow has devastated thousands of square miles of farmland, threatening severe food shortages.

The total cost of the disaster to the Chinese economy may be more than £10billion.

In Afghanistan, freezing weather and the worst snow for 30 years have killed more than 900 people.

In Greece and Turkey, where temperatures dropped as low as minus 31 degrees Celsius, hundreds of villages have been cut off by blizzards and drifting snow.

In Iran, following heavy snowfalls last month, its eastern desert regions - normally still hot at this time of year - have seen their first snow in living memory.

In Saudi Arabia last month, people were amazed by the first snow most had ever seen.

In neighbouring Tajikistan, according to aid agencies, the coldest winter for 50 years, along with soaring food prices and a massive energy crisis, threatens a "humanitarian catastrophe".
And on and on...

This is not what may happen in the future from global warming, this is what is happening as we speak. People are dying, economies are being hurt and real people are suffering.

Of course, one or two seasons does not indicate that global warming or cooling is occurring, yet it hasn't ever stopped the global warmenists from touting every single hot day as further proof that my SUV is destroying the planet. More:

Following last year's freak snowfalls in such southern cities as Buenos Aires and Sydney, satellite observations from the other end of the world have this winter shown ice cover round the Antarctic at easily its greatest extent for this time of year since data began in 1979, 30per cent above average.
The facts belie the screaming by Gore and his ilk that global warming is hurting penguins in Antarctica or polar bears in the north. 30% above average ice is not an anomoly, it is an in-your-face "wow" moment that should get the attetnion of global warming alarmist's. Unfortunately it will not.

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