Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Most Telling Sign Hillary is in Trouble

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Hillary Clinton supposedly fell behind in the delegate count and is facing a long, hard slog to the convention. She has been eclipsed by Obama in momentum and states won and now this ominous sign:

As first floated by The Page, I can confirm that, according to advisers to the campaign, Sen. Hillary Clinton is weighing a self-loan in order to finance a competitive race against Barack Obama over the next few weeks.

Clinton raised less than $20M in January and has spent most of its store of money on ads leading up to Tuesday's multi-state primary.

Campaign advisers would not say how much money she has left. Officials did not respond to e-mails seek comment.

Upon leaving the White House, both Clintons secured large advances for their memoirs, and Bill Clinton's post-presidential speaking and consulting has left the couple comfortably wealthy, although not Mitt Romney-wealthy.
Amazingly, Clinton is in a lose-lose situation--essentially still a force in the race with voters but not with those who donate. To keep going, she'll need funding and if the current trend continues, Obama will be able to outspend her at least 2:1.

Obama has captured the imagination of the Democratic-voting public and with it the media. Both are enthralled with him and his campaign regardless of the fact that he has absolutely no experience and has not exactly iterated what his policies will be besides ambiguous platitudes. He's the first serious black candidate to grab the imaginations of voters and he's sucking up Hillary's oxygen and money (when talking campaigns, they're interchangeable).

This is a sign that the Clinton's may well be (correctly) looked at as old hat and part of the establishment while Obama is perceived as an agent of change. That may be bad news for Hillary and also for John McCain when the general election rolls around.

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