Sunday, February 10, 2008

Huff Po Scrub is Incredibly Misguided

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Angry little lib Dave Johnson has no clue what the hell he's writing about:

The Drudge Report is a right-wing site that is used to drive right-wing propaganda into the large, corporate media outlets. When a story is featured at the Drudge Report, you always have to ask why, and ask what is the right's intent behind getting this story into circulation.

...This is an attack. It is an obvious attempt to split the Democratic Party and its supporters, going into the elections. Duh!

Are you going to let them play you like a fiddle? Keep in mind who the enemy is here. The stakes are high: If we let the primary contest divide us how many hundred thousand Iraqis or Iranians will be killed before the 2012 elections, how much more will corporations take over our democracy, how much more concentration of wealth at the top will we see? Please do not be fooled by this stuff! If it appears at DRUDGE, you KNOW something is going on.
The piece that has our little commie (and I don't use the word lightly either but he's written for Common Dreams, Alternet and other far-left sites) so upset is written by Drudge, right? I mean it would have to be a Drudge exclusive to blame Drudge for posting it? Uh, wrong.

The piece Drudge linked to is a Breitbart post of an Associated Press article written by Bob Lewis.

So to summarize; This Huff Po blogger (a man who no one ever heard of labeled "the grandfather of the blogosphere") is slamming Drudge for linking to a piece written by the world's largest and decidedly left-leaning new organization calling it "propanda". It's a legitimate article saying that Governor Wilder of Virginia is put out about the Clinton's playing the race card. He says Drudge is trying to "drive a wedge" in the Dem party when this genius doesn't even realize the wedge is there and it was hammered in by Bill and Shillary.

That has to easily be the stupidest thing I've read in the blogosphere in a week, which is a lifetime in the 'sphere.


Jimmy L said...

Drudge is very calculated in what he does. He controls the media and everyone's opinions about everything. He also controls the world, wouldn't you know. Oprah should buy him.

Maybe it's high time you stopped reading the drudge report. Here's a wean-yourself-off-drudge site:

Scott said...

And so is the Huff Po, Media Matters, Daily Kos, CNN, Newsweek, Time, the NY Times, the Washington Post and so on.

It's not that Drudge controls the media that has you upset, it's the fact that any Conservative can dictate the importance of a story.

The time that the liberal media controlled everything is now past and I say good riddance.

The AP reported, Drudge linked and the facts are facts as stated in the AP story, get over it.

Anonymous said...

Former governor Wilder and B Hussein Obama have similar backgrounds. Neither has/had the qualification to be dog catcher in a town with a population of 2, one being the dog catcher. Dhimmi's vote for them and then regret it for years. Still can't find two people that will admit voting for the disaster for Va, Wilder. If that doesn't show they are stupid I guess there is no way.