Monday, February 04, 2008

Denver Hookers Await Dem Convention

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This is too damn easy but what the hell:

Political tricks may not be the only ones turned during the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August.

The sex and adult entertainment industries are expecting a boom in business when an estimated 35,000 visitors descend on the Mile High City for the presidential nominating bash.

At the Pepsi Center, the focus will be on a single nominee.

But outside the event, the choices available to the delegates, journalists and others are unlimited, giving new meaning to the term "conventional sex."

More than six months before the convention comes to Denver, the offerings already online range from Claudia the "she- male porn star" to Erin the "adorable college cutie," whose $300- an-hour services are guaranteed to "leave you breathless."
Hell, Bill Clinton alone could cause a noticable spike in "sales"in that particular industry.

My best wishes to Erin and the he/she Claudia, I know they're hoping that Hillary is the nominee as the Clinton's will draw a more, should we mindset than I'd imagine Obama would.

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