Monday, February 04, 2008

D-Day Minus 1

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Tomorrow is a huge day, a day in which we can see a clear GOP front-runner and a day I expect the Democratic campaign to get hugely muddled.

In last minute appeals, Hillary cried once again, Obama closes the gap nationally, McCain extends his lead and Conservatives continue to pull for Mitt in what may be a losing cause.

My vote is probably going to Romney although I don't have the problem with McCain that others on the political right do. I disagree with him on immigration 100% and he's not a tax-cutter but he's right on the Iraq war and the greater War on Terror--two issues that matter the utmost to me (although some will say that securing the border is a crucial part of the WOT and I wouldn't disagree).

It will be telling watching returns from New York and right here in New Jersey where Hillary has strong support. Call me crazy but I think Obama's going to show much better than anticipated, especially if he can get African-American's to the polls. They don't believe that tripe about Clinton being the "first black President" and they sure don't buy that the Shill is the one to continue with the Clinton ways. Blacks have their own candidate now and if he gets a good turnout, he could win some states Shillary's counting on.

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