Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where the Race Stands

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At this moment we are now seeing a McCain juggernaut. Florida was a huge primary and McCain came through in the clutch. Don't get me wrong, Romney is not out but his trail just got steeper and definitely has more obstacles.

The good news is that we can probably stick a fork in Huckabee, he may well win the southern states but which way will those delegates go? I'm happy and honestly hate to smack a man when he is down, but Huck would've been disastrous for the GOP as a party and his downward spiral fills me with glee. Not that McCain is a conservative but Huck would have been the new, ugly face of conservatism and he represents the Reaganesque view about as much as Bill Clinton does.

Rudy's said to be ready to endorse McCain tomorrow and the call is for him to be the VP designate but that wouldn't make a whole lotta sense since the Maverick's problem is his lack of conservative support. McCain would be smart to tap Fred Thompson who was the true conservative in this race and would give McCain a certain gravitas.

The other good news is that maybe, just maybe, we'll see Edwards just go away. Doubtful but one can hope. I said before and I'll say again: John, take your wife home to that huge, opulent house and live life. Your wife is sick with cancer and being on the road can't be good. You're running this race because of your solipsistic view of yourself. Go home, wait for Hillary to call...or not, and get on with life. You didn't appeal to very many people and I'm sure that's hard to live with but is a fact.

Hillary crowing like she actually won something today was, well, Clintonesque in its chutzpah but not unexpected. Her backers are delusional to think that people didn't notice the BS on display and she's shameless but we all knew that.

What happens from here on out is any ones guess but I suspect we are closer to the nominee in the GOP than in the Dem race.

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