Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Giuliani's Toast

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With exit polls and early returns coming in, it ain't looking good for Rudy. 3% in and Romney and McCain are tied at 31% with Rudy coming in at 17%. It's early and the locations of the precincts have not bee revealed, but it would take a whole bunch of New Yorkers and North Jerseyites to put him over the top. Huck is in so far at 14%.

On the Dem side Hillary is at 54% and Obama is half that.

Back to Rudy, will this be seen as the biggest campaign blunder in history? A man who was the front-runner strategized that campaigning in Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire and South Carolina was not worth the cost or effort and it may well be remembered as the most strikingly stupid political move in the last fifty years.

I don't see how Giuliani can go on after this with the only potential wins being New York and New Jersey where he's struggling. This is it for the native New Yorker and he, like Fred Thompson blundered away great shots at the nomination leaving essentially only McCain and Romney to battle it out. Rudy's refusal to campaign in the early states probably ended any chance he had of scoring the VP nod.

Any way you look at it, Rudy's done and it's a sad day because three strong candidates plus Huck) going at it would have made for a better race.

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