Sunday, January 20, 2008

What Now? Against Huck.

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I was going to write a post about the state of the race and who I would vote for. Jeff beat me to it:

Which means that if Fred Thompson drops out of the race (aside: I have no idea what Republican primary voters are thinking — other than that they are no longer interested in conservatism, and have become every bit as statist as their progressive counterparts), I’m resigning myself to a Democratic presidency in 2008 — and to the years of pain that will follow should the Dems maintain control of both the Executive and Legislative branches of government. Who knows? Maybe they even get the courts, too.
I'm making it clear right here and right now, I will vote for McCain, Romney or Giuliani, but there's no way in hell that I'm voting for Huckabee. I'll not nly not vote for him but will pound on him daily until November because his alection would mean the end of the Reagan ideals and the disintegration of the party. The party would then become what the Dems have become, a party led by Arkansas hucksters who play dirty politics and spout inane populist rhetoric.

I don't want a President who will lead us by his interpretation of the Bible and who serves the Baptist coalition before the national good. I sound like a raving liberal here but the thoughts are genuine and the idea that religion has a place in politics but is not the paramount thing in politics is an important one.

I could never vote for Hillary or Obama but I sure as hell will make every single effort to keep Huckabee from becoming the nominee. The good of the country and party are more important long-term than the elevation of a religious zealot.

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