Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winners, Losers and Wannabe's

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The latest to electoral battles are over and some things are firming up.

In Nevada, Hillary walked away the caucus winner but Obama walked away with the delegates. Obama has a problem with the Hispanic vote and Shillary has a problem with the black vote. Both will hurt them in future primaries to be sure.

On the GOP side, Mitt got over 50% in a state with a large Mormon population. It was never in doubt but more than half of any vote in a primary is impressive.

The Mitt excitement was short-lived as McCain went on to win South Carolina last night edging out Mike Huckabee. Alas, Fred only garnered a weak third place and that sound you hear is the death knell for his campaign. Huck's peeps are blaming Fred for his losing using the tired line "…. Had Fred Thompson not been in the race, this would have been an overwhelming, dynamic victory for Mike Huckabee.” Yeah, and if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle, your candidate lost in a southern state he needed and didn' closed.

McCain's win was impressive and should he take that momentum into Florida and beat Giuliani, he's on his way. I would consider Fred the VP candidate of choice for Maverick should he win the nomination.

Finally we have Silky Edwards. The man who has run a slimy campaign is now in a league with Kucinich, the bottom tier. He received 4%, yes four. His shady lawyer personae just isn't appealing to the nation and it's well-passed time for him to pack it in and go home. Maybe Hillary will consider him for a Secretary of Interior position.

On we go to the Sunshine State where Giuliani is in a must-win situation. Huck will play well in the rural areas and Giuliani will pick up the sizable "snowbird" areas. McCain will need The Gulf coast and panhandle for any chance while Mitt may well have to settle for a second or third.

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