Sunday, January 20, 2008

Libs Shocked That Other Libs Cheat

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There's not been one caucus or primary on the Democrat side where there were no complaints of voting irregularities. They range from the sinister Diebold machines in New Hampshire to Shady antics in Nevada.

This is, of course, is highly amusing to anyone on the GOP side. Whereby in the minds of the misguided libs only Republican's cheat, they're getting a first-hand look at what they have been doing to us over the last two decades. Remember, the only side that was actually convicted of voter fraud (one the son of a US Representative) was the Dem side and there's been no reports of fraud or suppression in the GOP caucuses and primary.

The Democrat party is being shredded--hopelessly naive libs are seeing that their party plays racial and sexist politics better than Republicans ever could. For them, that's politics as usual, when it happens on the right--such as Huck's scumbag push-polling--we call them out on it immediately.

We have a long way to go and some states that have large minority populations, it should be interesting to see how the Clinton's come up with clever ways of injecting race into the campaign and how Obama uses even the slightest hint of race to his advantage.

H/T: Bryan.

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