Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Morning Links

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Jay Cost at Real Clear Politics has a primer on how things would play out at the GOP convention should things remain as muddled as they are now.

Like clockwork, Bob Herbert will bring up racism--even where it doesn't exist. In a telling piece today, he brings up misogyny instead of race. In a week that has been full of racial tension within the Democratic party, why would Herbert not talk about race? Could it be because Herbert is supporting Hillary against Obama? I can't think of another reason for it with the exception that he doesn't want to highlight that his party has their share of racial issues as well.

We're succeeding in Iraq and the New York Times hasn't had an opportunity to smear the troops with false accusations on the battlefield. Why not just make up a story about them all being wild-eyed murderers at home?

Ten years ago, Matt Drudge broke the story that Monica Lewinsky had been er...servicing Bubba in the Oval Office and in doing so exposed Newsweek mag as a shill for the Dems and launched his career into the stratosphere.

Fred Thompson reaches the mark. It's not a raging wave but support is building.

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