Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On To Michigan

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Another primary and another chance to establish someone; anyone as the front runner in the GOP. That's not going to happen of course as a McCain win will only mean that he's the momentum guy until Saturday and South Carolina. A Mitt win means that he's the momentum guy until SC. The only chance of a serious front runner emerging is if Huck wins and I just don't see that happening.

The RCP average has Romney leading by less than one percentage point over Maverick with Huck a ways back. Romney has roots but the McCain juggernaut was leading in the last poll by 3%.

Michigan is a state in crisis; the auto industry is failing and the new energy bill pushed through by San Fran Nan instituting fuel efficiency standards isn't going to help. Both Romney and McCain promised to bring more jobs to the region without exactly stating how they were going to accomplish that. In other words, they've spent the week pandering to the Michigan GOP.

Prediction: Romney by 2% than McCain and Huck with Fred Thompson taking third by a surprising 9%.

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