Monday, January 14, 2008

Rallying for Tim Blair

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Those of you who have read this blog even part time over the last five years know that the man who inspired me to start this blog is Tim Blair. Hell, there are times that I have no clue what he's talking about when dealing with Aussie domestic issues but he's hilarious and his style of writing is one I've tried to aspire to (unsuccessfully but I'm still trying).

Tim revealed today that he has been diagnosed with cancer and that he faces surgery and an extended hospital stay:

Feeling poorly for some time. Saw a doctor a few weeks ago, who sent me to a specialist, who booked me into hospital for tests.

It’s cancer.

Major abdominal surgery next week. If all goes well, the remaining non-cancerous section of me will be home by early-mid February. No idea yet how long a full recovery might take beyond then. Medical advice is very positive, but that wouldn’t count for much in the absence of care and love from family and friends. I’ve been overwhelmed. I’m lucky.

Luckier than I ever knew.
Not just from your immediate family Tim, you have your world-wide family who care for you deeply.

The thing about reading a writers blog as opposed to their essays in a paper is that you get a feeling for the persons personality by reading them on a blog. Tim always struck me as a guy I'd like to have several Victoria Bitter's with.

Say a prayer for Tim if you're so inclined or just keep a good thought in your head if your not the religious type. We've made astounding progress in cancer treatment and research over the last two decades and it sounds as though Tim's prognosis is good.

Good luck, friend.

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