Monday, January 14, 2008

The Hillary Race Story Continues

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Like a piece of chewed gum under her shoe, Hillary had been unable to get the racial tinged quotes to go away. My feeling is they're there from here on and there's no way to dispose of them.

Here we are in the third or fourth news cycle since the stories started breaking--a time that is a few years short of an eon in the blogosphere--and a quick look at Memeorandum (as of 7:00 this morning) shows that every single leading source is printing something about the race issue. Add to that the continued references to his drug use and it's not a pretty sight for Shillary.

This is political strategizing expertly played by the Obama campaign. You knew the race card was coming, it was only a matter of when. It was a planned ploy and it may well have the effect they intended by keeping Hillary constantly on the defensive.

I should feel bad for the Shill but I can't muster up any sympathy as the Clinton's have used this tactic for years and to see them cowering from it is sweet irony. I discussed this more here.

The beauty of Obama's strategy is that you can read race into everything thanks to liberals and their decades long political correctness push. Liberals have seen racism in even the most innocuous GOP statements and because of that touchiness they've established with the aid of the media, every single statement Shill and Bill make will now be scrutinized. The statements they've made to this point would not even have been noted before the PC police ramped up their rhetoric a decade or so ago.

Clinton is no longer the media candidate and she's having trouble getting her message out to the public--that was never an issue in the past as the media were the in-house Clinton mouthpiece.

It's fun to watch as I've noted earlier--a shell-shocked Shillary (say that five times real fast) forced to answer uncomfortable questions for the first time in her campaign. Where GOP candidates have always been faced with hostile inquisitors, this something completely new to the Dems as a whole and the Clinton machine in particular.

I guess the lesson is that when you cry wolf or in this case racism when none really exists, don't bitch and moan when the race card gets thrown out in your direction.

Update: Oh man, the irony gets thicker and thicker. How deep are the Clinton's in the mud when Bill has to back off the comments made by a leading black Shillary supporter because they came off as racially insensitive? Irony is dripping all over.

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Terri said...

Great noting of the liberal past of inserting "race" into so many places where it really didn't exit in the first place which is now getting them into this fix!