Monday, January 28, 2008

NOW Goes For Serious Hyperbole

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The National Organization for Women is anything but as they don't seem too intent on challenging the Muslim fixation or misogyny and I've yet to hear them mutter a word in support Ayaan Hirsi-Ali, a woman who truly is facing the wrath of some very bad men. Just so you know I'm not exaggerating, here's a search at the NOW site using "Ayaan Hirsi-Ali" as search terms and it returns nothing.

No, real threats to women don't matter but imagined ones do. I'll quote extensively so you can get the true feeling of just how over the top these psycho chicks are:

We've all witnessed scenarios where, on the playground little girls are being taunted by little boys while both girls and boys stand idle, afraid to speak up or even cheering. Or, in the workplace males tease young and older female co-workers; make obscene gestures, inappropriate comments, laughing and expecting (often correctly) that everyone will join in. Then there was that movie where Jodie Foster portrayed the true story of woman who was ganged raped in a bar while others looked on and encouraged the realization. Still others pretended the rape didn't happen. In short, gang raping of women is commonplace in our culture both physically and metaphorically.

This past week, we witnessed just such a phenomenon involving men who are afraid of a powerful woman. Hillary Clinton, in her quest for her Presidential nomination, has in fact endured infantile taunting and wildly inappropriate commentary. Indeed we have witnessed almost comical attacks by John Edwards who in turn sided with Barak Obama as both snickered at Clinton's "breakdown," which consisted of a very short dewy-eyed moment. Now John Kerry, who should certainly know better after his own "swiftboating," has joined the playground gang.

...Think about the legacy we'll leave behind when we support Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. Let’s put a stop to the psychological “gang banging” of women and girls. Let's stand up and be counted by way of the hard-won votes we can now cast!
"Patriarchal," "gang banging" and all the other words that are so important to the women of NOW. All the buzz words in one miserable happy package

My goodness, the left is breaking into more pieces and more completely than even I could have hoped for. It's a full-on war with non-combatants just hoping not to end up as collateral damage in the carpet bombing.

I would posit that the women of NOW are being racist in their misogyny accusation. Do the nags good women at NOW not want a good, honest black man in the Oval Office? Does that scare them? Does the token black woman on the board of NOW feel the same as Ms. Pappas? And speaking of the board, why are there no Hispanic women, are they not worthy of NOW support?

The National Organization for Women has been a joke since they defended the Sexist in Chief Bill Clinton and judging by what I've posted today, they remain one and then some.

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Terri said...

I can't believe they are putting "taunting" and "name calling" right up there with gang banged rape.

That's just sickening.

I'd apologize on their behalf as an independent, free thinking, woman who notes that people picked on Mr. Edward's hair but that would put me in their playing field and I'd rather just stay far far away from them.