Monday, January 28, 2008

How Are Those Repressive Anti-Gun Laws Working Out?

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It seems not so well:

Shelagh Fogarty was threatened with a gun while making a programme about crime on Britain's streets BBC Radio Five presenter Shelagh Fogarty today described her terror at having a gun pointed at her face while filming in Liverpool on Saturday night.

The breakfast show host was taking part in a special programme for the ITV1 Tonight programme to find out how safe Britain's streets are, to be aired tonight.

While filming in Norris Green, an area of her home town Liverpool, a car slowed down as it past her, wound down a window and a gun was pointed directly at her.

She believes had it not been for the sound of a police siren nearby and a CCTV van in the road, she may have been killed.
Of course the Brits will spin this saying that their gun laws are not draconian enough, which would of course miss the point completely.

I'll make it a s simple as possible for any Brit readers, if you outlaw guns, the only ones with guns will be outlaws. Or, I I'll make it more British: if you take arms from every chaps, the only wankers with arms will be those wanted by Scotland Yard and who wish to pop you in the arse.

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