Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dems Losing Blacks on Immigration Issue

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It was only a matter of time before the African-American community started to break with the Democrats. For years, Blacks have overwhelmingly voted for Democrats because the Dems had the rhetoric down. They pandered to them and rode an ill-gotten wave of good feelings after the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts (two bills that passed with more GOP support than Democratic support).

What have Blacks received in return? A horrid welfare system, high crime, poor schools and lower wages due to another issue that Dems wholly support--increased immigration, both legal and especially illegal.

Check this out:

But the 1960s brought a big change in the views of black political leaders, especially after President Lyndon B. Johnson and congressional supporters of liberalizing immigration claimed the mantle of the civil rights movement for their reforms, which became law in 1965 and resulted in a 60 percent increase in legal immigration over the subsequent decade. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed that blacks and poor immigrants had much in common and could become political allies, which was why, in the run-up to the immigration bill’s passage, he endorsed the idea of letting Cubans fleeing Castro settle in Miami. Jesse Jackson would later herald the imminent arrival of a mighty “black-brown” or “rainbow” coalition that would—or so he claimed—propel him to the 1984 Democratic presidential nomination. As it turned out, Jackson failed to win much Hispanic support, which mostly lined up behind Walter Mondale. But Jackson’s dream continued to spread among black politicians, including those in the Congressional Black Caucus, which became one of Washington’s most vocal groups opposing immigration restrictions.

...This Latino “tsunami,” as Los Angeles–based Hispanic-American writer Nicol├ís Vaca calls it, has intensified the well-founded feeling among blacks that they’re losing economic ground to immigrants. True, early research, conducted in the wake of the big immigration reforms of the 1960s, suggested that the arrival of newcomers had little adverse impact on blacks—one study found that every 10 percent increase in immigration cut black wages by only 0.3 percent. But as the immigrant population has in some places grown six or seven times larger over the last four decades, the downward pull has become a vortex. A recent study by Harvard economist George Borjas and colleagues from the University of Chicago and the University of California estimates that immigration accounted for a 7.4 percentage-point decline in the employment rate of unskilled black males between 1980 and 2000. Even for black males with high school diplomas, immigration shrank employment by nearly 3 percentage points. While immigration hurts black and white low-wage workers, the authors note, the effect is three times as large on blacks because immigrants are more likely to compete directly with them for jobs.
And there you have it. Name one Democratic plan that has helped African-Americans long term, just one. You can't and they are now waking up to the fact that the party they've blindly supported is the one that is costing them higher wages and lower unemployment prospects.

It's the same with the unions; illegal immigration does two things: drive down wages and increase taxes. If an illegal works for say $7 cash under the table, the government does not recover taxes. If that same illegal immigrant gets sick and goes to the emergency room, they've got to be treated and someone has to pay so taxes and the individual hospitals cover that cost passing higher cost onto you and me. The unions blindly throw their members dues money at the Dem leaders when those very leaders are the ones who are driving down pay rates for everyone.

This is a major problem for Democrats and they're too blind to know it. For years they promised African-Americans everything in the world and once the election was over, they were forgotten quickly. It seems that the Jewish community may be wising up to that fact as well.

Hillary had best be paying attention and taking notes because we have a serious black candidate in the race for the first time and I would bet that many influential inner city community leaders are are watching this play out and checking the pulse of the neighborhoods.

The age of self-proclaimed black "leaders" is over, the Sharptons and Jesse Jackson's of the world are being left out in the cold by Obama and they may well alienate the those who stand by Obama.

Read the entire piece when you have some time, it's worth it.

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