Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maverick Rakes in Cool $1-mil in NYC

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McCain is riding high right about now with leads in all the states that matter. Mitt-mentum is gone (but he's still going for the Jewish vote based on the pin pictured at right) and McCain-mentum is ratcheting up daily.

Yesterday, McCain went into the territory that should still be Rudy's and walked away with $1-million in donations for his coffers while Giuliani is trying to hold on in the state that--like most New Yorkers--has become his second home. If Rudy loses Florida and Mitt has a poor showing, McCain is the true front-runner in a campaign that hasn't had one yet. He scored the endorsement of former Sen. Al D'Amato for what it's worth. He also grabbed the coveted Stormin' Norman backing that you've heard everyone fighting over for the last year.

My thoughts on McCain are a bit mixed, I liked him in 2000 until he began regurgitating talking points incessantly and he lost me earlier this year with the shamnesty bill but hey, he ain't Huckabee so he has that going for him.

Update: McCain might want to brush up his foreign policy. Angela Merkel is the leader of Germany, not Vlad Putin:

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