Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chasing Elusive Momentum: Romney Wins Michigan

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Mitt Romney lifted his shattered campaign out of the ashes and won convincingly in a state he should have won convincingly. McCain was 9% back and Huck made a rather poor showing in a state his populism should have resonated. I'll be happy to not have to see McCain and Romney promise new jobs for a state that they won't be able to deliver.

We now have had three winners in the first three contests and the outcome is not going to be determined until at least Super Tuesday. For political junkies, this is nirvana, a real campaign that may stretch to the convention. It hasn't happened in my lifetime to be sure.

In a perfect world, Fred Thompson wins or gets second in South Carolina and we would really have a race. Giuliani's strategy has failed when viewed at this point, not even competing in New Hampshire, Iowa and Michigan was some bad advice that America's Mayor heeded and it may well have sunk his campaign. But hey, the way things are currently playing out, nothing is inconceivable.

A side note: Romney acted without class by stomping all over McCain's concession speech (although McCain did start before Huck was done but Huck started way late and ran on for what seemed an eternity while Mitt jumped on McCain in a matter of minutes) if that was the case. Mitt seems to have a bitter and cruel edge to him that has me worried. He seems vindictive and petty and that is an issue when it comes to the general and focusing all ones energy on a single opponent.

I find it amusing to hear the experienced political pundit talking heads trying to make sense of a senseless situation. The failure of polls in New Hampshire has them rethinking every word because without polls they have nothing and no one wants to go out on a limb without some idea of what the public is thinking.

On to the Palmetto State where hope remains for Fred in a must-win state.

Update: The Kossack's will claim credit but they'd be liars.

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