Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy 60th Bob Weir!

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When most people who were not Deadheads think of the Grateful Dead, they immediately think of Jerry Garcia as the lead singer. The truth is that they had two lead singers and the other one is just as talented as Jerry was. That man is Bob Weir and anyone who ever heard a blistering Me and My Uncle, a bluesy Little Red Rooster or a long Stuck Inside of Mobile (With Those Memphis Blues Again) knows that Bobby was second to no one.

Today Bobby tours with his band Ratdog and is still going strong at the age of sixty. He's kept himself in great shape and his voice sounds as good today as it did on his solo album (with the entire Dead) Ace. His version of Cassidy or Looks Like Rain sounds as new today as it did when he sang it in the early seventies.

Happy B-day, Bobby and I look forward to seing you again in a month.

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