Thursday, January 18, 2007

Things the Liberal Mind Can Never Understand

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Matt O'Keefe at the Gun-Toting Liberal:

There is nothing more ridiculous than a corporation in any market in America posting a quarterly net profit in the tens of billions of dollars. That is quarterly net profit and not an annual net profit! When you see that much money in the hands of so few then it makes you wonder about market manipulation and coercion by the top ranking members of this very exclusive club. This elite group of corporations set the price and this industry is not by any means market driven. It is driven by the top and they will take your money simply because they can. Who is going to stop them? Teddy Roosevelt is still dead so that option is out.

Take your Ritalin, Matt.

What liberals, er "progressives" (no need to piss them off too badly with this post) fail to understand is that corporate executives are not all Scrooge McDuck. Before they calculated that profit, they paid out millions in bonuses to everyone from the junior exec to the janitor. It was probably around Christmas time, too, when folks need a few extra hundreds.

The "BIG OIL" meanies will also take those profits and put it towards evil things like oil exploration (even off-shore where they can kill lots of Sponge Bob's), which in turn will eventually reduce the price of oil. They'll give alot to charity. For instance, Exxon-Mobil gave $133-million dollars to charity in 2005, including $81-million in the US alone. That's just one company and I found that with a simple Google search. I would imagine that the local produce co-op gave anything to charity.

Liberals are such small picture types. They don't see that tens or hundreds of thousands are living a great life because they work for companies such as Texaco or Exxon-Mobil. They have a visceral hatred to corporations, although if you note, old Matt has a link to pay for his blog from your hard-earned shekels and he wouldn't give a damn if that money were earned by your employment at BP-Amoco.

Liberals are hypocrites by nature. They espouse their hatred of capitalism, yet they are the first to score a peso when they can. We live in the best system around, a capitalist system. Is it unfair? Yeah, at times it is. Is it inherently bad? Hell no. The system works and our country works because of small business and corporations. Profit is good, regardless of what Matt O'Keefe or any other whining lib thinks.

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