Thursday, January 18, 2007

David Corn Whines

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Incessantly. He's btiching about a potential juror in the Liby trial who may (gasp!) be a Bush supporter:

One potential juror who handles information technology business development at
Lockheed Martin noted that she respects the commander in chief and Bush's
"reasons for going to Iraq." She explained that citizens outside the government
are not privy to enough information to second-guess such presidential
decision-making. Is that not a prejudice (perhaps an unhealthy one) in favor of
Bush administration officials? She also said that she is currently chasing a
billion dollars in federal contracts for Lockheed Martin. Might she have an
interest in pleasing administration officials? She was not kicked out of the
potential juror pool; special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald ought to take a
closer look at her in the next round.

Of course Corn overlooks the fact that Libby is accused of nothing more than perjury. He committed no crimes that Patrick Fitzgerald could determine except lying under oath.

These hypocrites continue to babble on about Clinton's impeachment, a case in which a sitting President intentionally lied under oath to a grand jury, yet are rabid about convicting a man who may or may not have committed a crime.

Same old Nation, same old liberal weenie, David Corn.

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