Friday, January 19, 2007

Where Was the NAACP Months Ago?

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The North Carolina chapter of the NAACP is now saying that the defendents and DA speaking out about the case will "pervert the truth-finding process." They should've rethought that unfortunate choice of words. Those were the words of Rev. William Barber.

Anyway, where were they when it it apeared as though the three lacrosse players were guilty even though they repeatedly professed innocence. Did the NAACP give a damn about the "truth finding process" or how "perverted" it was? Of course not. They are not a group that wants equal rights for everyone, they are a group that wants equal rights for one group. Here's what Barber thought in an undated posting:

The crusading civil rights advocate is raring to speak out, whether the topic is the minimum wage or the inequities plaguing the state's public schools or the racism, classism and sexual violence thrust to the fore by the Duke University lacrosse case.

The NAACP convicted these men before trial. Yeah, that smacks of "fairness," doesn't it?

This case should've been dropped months ago, or better yet, never been started until the facts played out. Civil rights organizations like cases like this when a black woman is the "victim" preyed upon by caucasions. They don't like it because they can assist the victim, they like it because they get their faces and quotes all over the news. They are asking for a "fair" hearing of the facts. Three Duke athletes were denied fairness from the beginning.

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