Thursday, January 25, 2007

Iraq--Warts and All

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For the real story on what's happening in Iraq, I've always thought the Iraqi blogs were the best source. Today, Mohammed brings us up to speed:

It’s becoming very difficult to predict what’s going to happen the next hour. In addition to the dangers of militia or insurgent attacks, you can’t tell when a bridge or a street will be suddenly blocked. At any minute you can find yourself stuck between two groups of Humvees or Strykers, or even in the middle of a military operation standing between you and your destination. That’s when you call home or work to explain the delay, or calm down a worried friend or relative.Although the major Baghdad plan isn’t officially launched yet, every day we see several joint operations against targets in and around the city. Still, according to the latest leaked reports, it seems as if the major implementations of the plan are going to wait until the beginning of next month,.

Read it all. These are going to be crucial months ahead. We've been hitting the Mahdi Army particularly hard as seen in this video. Caution: strong language.

The paragraph about lack of utilities is disconcerting, because without services, we'll lose the citizenry. Here's to oping this works.

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