Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Problem With Generals...

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And admirals, etc. From the beginning of the WOT, the military wanted a huge force to fight the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq. Being military officers, they always want more of everything be it ships, tanks, guns, ammo, etc. It's been that way since war began with two tribes throwing stones at each other.

Well, President Bush has proposed expanding the military presence in Iraq to quell the situation. Liberals have always used the not enough troops canard so now that they are getting what they criticized the President on, I'll guess they'll go along. Or not.

Anyway, since the Cold War days, we've been told that we are capable of fighting a two-front war. I don't mean a major war in Iraq and a lesser one in Afghanistan, I mean two full-on wars. Then why do the Generals have a beef?

I'm a fromer military man and I can tell you this, Generals will never have enough tanks, troops or planes, Admirals will never have enough, or the right kind of ship. That's war. Just like the stupid concept of a war plan or a plan for peace, it's never a sure thing and you'll never have enough of it.

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