Monday, December 18, 2006

Anti-Jihad Rap/Metal

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Meet Stock Mojo. They're a metal/rap hybrid in the vein of a poor man's Linkin Park. They've written a song titled Open Season and shot a video that was uploaded to You Tube. The lyrics are decidedly anti-terrorist and that seems to have the good little libs at You Tube a bit put out. Whether that is because of fear from what the jihadi's will do or the inherent anti-war feeling from the head in the sand liberal element, I'm not sure. You see, the video will not be entered in any of the "honors" categories, which would ensure more viewings and perhaps more wide decemination. You Tube has not banned it, but is not exactly pushing what could be a very popular video.

The video combines the band with pictures of the WTC attack, a beheading and other terror acts. It is a bit disturbing but nothing you haven't heard or seen if you've been paying attention to the the emerging jihadism.

Interestingly, anti-war videos are prevalent such as System of a Down's BYOB.

The video is below, decide for yourself. Allah has more including a link explaining You Tube's decision and a link to the guitarists thoughts.

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