Wednesday, December 20, 2006

People Power Superceded

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In November, 58% of Michigan voters chose to end preference for financial aid and college acceptance based on race. With the hyper partisanship we've seen in the last half-decade, 58% is a high number.

Now that the people have spoken, the government--whose leaders campaigned for continuation of those preferences--and the courts are attempting to cast off the will of the electorate and make up new rules:

The court maneuvers fed a growing concern by affirmative action opponents who fear that the will of the voters, who on Nov. 7 passed the prohibition against using race, is not being respected. Both candidates for governor, and business and other leaders campaigned against the proposal.

"I'm disgusted with the whole shebang," said Dick Megregian, a retired senior automotive engineer and MSU alumnus. "My vote and the vote of 58 percent of the people is undermined by the politicians and judges because they are dragging their feet and don't want to implement it."

Racial preferences have never worked as they were intended. By giving certain advantages to one group based on race, gender, religious affiliation is not nly against the Constitution, but quite un-American.

We've seen a major increase i the last decade of liberals using the courts to get their way when the courts are implemented to determine the constitutionality of legislative actions. They are the only check in the checks and balances scenario that don't have a say in legislation introduction.

"We believe affirmative action is the law of the land," said the Rev. Wendell Anthony, leader of the Detroit NAACP. "We hope the court will hear our plea."

Of course the court should hear the plea, then they should implement the ban on racial quotas that the people of Michigan voted for.

This case is a major testing ground for the complete elimination of quotas in the US. You can not give special rights to anyone in this nation. America was built on the notion that everyone starts at zero and has a chance to make of their lives what they will. Helping one group over another is not only wrong, but unconstitutional.

Update: Affirmative Action needed at Daily Kos. They oppress the Black, Asian and Hispanic populations. Either that or those populations think the liberal do-gooders are just a bunch of idiotic morons and choose not to participate.

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