Saturday, November 25, 2006

PETA Inanity

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) mistakenly took issue with an Alaskan church for their "living Nativity", which includes people but not animals. I have numerous animals and don't want to see any animals used in ways that culd harm them and I think most people feel the same.

But check out this quote from a PETA spokeperson:

"Those animals are subject to all sorts of terrible fates in some cases," Vergerio said. "Animals have been stolen and slaughtered, they've been raped, they've escaped from the nativity scenes and have been struck by cars and killed. Just really unfathomable things have happened to them."

Raped? By whom or what? Why use rhetoric that is unbelieveable when people would actually support them on the actual merits? Because extremists must use extreme verbage whenever trying to make a point. She expounds on some cases but not on the rape issue:

In the letter to Armstrong, Vergerio shared some sad fates of previous nativity animals - like Brighty the donkey, snatched from a nativity scene in Virginia and beaten by three young men. Ernie the camel fled a creche in Maryland but was struck and killed by a car. Two sheep and a donkey had to be euthanized after a dog mauling at a manger scene in Virginia.

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