Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hamas "Ceasefire" Short Lived

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The highly praised Hama "ceasefire," in which they promised to end all violence--including rocket attacks-- against Israel lasted less than an hour:

A Kassam rocket, fired form the Gaza Strip, landed in open territory in the western Negev on Sunday morning, less than an hour after the ceasefire declared by the Palestinians became effective.
In other news from the region, a tunnel that was clearly used to transport weapons--probably including the aforementioned rockets--collapsed in Gaza:

A tunnel under the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt collapsed on Saturday, but Palestinian security officials weren't immediately able to say whether it served to smuggle contraband or weapons to Palestinian gunmen.

A Palestinian security official said one man was dug out from the rubble and an undetermined number of others were trapped in the debris.

What would it have been used for if not smuggling weapons?

Security forces dug out one person from the rubble, and bulldozers were removing debris so rescuers could look for others.

I wonder if the dozer was a Caterpillar. I further wonder if the "martyred" Rachel Corrie would have approved of this latest development.

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