Saturday, November 25, 2006

News and Notes

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Things have been busy around the ER household with hosting Thanksgiving and other things. Posting has been light but will pick up this next week.

  • How not to rob a liquor store. Check this video out.
  • A battle royale over presidential power is in the offing.
  • You've probably read it already, but Patterico destroys the L.A. Times for shoddy reporting and other issues. Long but well worth it.
  • More Anti-Semitism in Great Britain.
  • Abu Sayyaf leader is captured in the Philippines. Wanted for beheading an American.
  • European leaders do what European leaders always do, waste time and watch the money go down the drain. Boeing must be so happy.
  • Boris Yeltsin and ultimate power. My thoughts on losing Russia at the AOL blog The Stump.

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