Thursday, November 23, 2006

Events in Lebanon

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AP Photo / Nasser Nasser

Rick Moran has all the news form Beirut including this from Beirut Beltway:

After the assassination of Pierre Gemayel, March 14 cannot afford to lose any more ministers. If one more is killed or resigns, the cabinet will lose the quorum required by the constitution. For that, Siniora has reportedly turned the government building into temporary sleeping quarters for the remaining ministers, who will be barred from leaving the building until a session is held to approve the plan, possibly as early as Monday. After the funeral today, and if they all make it back to the Serail safely, it would require blowing up the government headquarters to stop the cabinet session form taking place.

Notes Rick:

At this point, blowing up the massive government building would be a shocker but not a total surprise. Anything is possible in Lebanon over the next few days.

The appearance of Nabih Berri at Gemayal's funeral could mean alot or mean nothing. Druze leader Walid Jumblatt puts the blame on Syria.

This is a tense time in Lebanon as French UN forces have reserved the right to shoot Israeli Air Force jets that enter Lebanese airspace and with hundreds of thousands protesting at Gemayal's funeral, it's going to continue to be tense for awhile.

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