Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kennedys and Communists

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We know that Edward Kennedy was in cahoots with our cold war enemy the Soviets, now Joe Kennedy is teaming up with another enemy; Hugo Chavez:

The arrangement is this: Mr. Chávez's Citgo--a Houston-based oil company owned by the Venezuelan government--is supplying home heating oil to Mr. Kennedy's Citizens Energy Corporation at a 40% discount. Citizens, a nonprofit outfit, says it passes the savings onto the poor, aiming to help 400,000 homes in 16 states that would otherwise have trouble heating their homes. In the process, Mr. Kennedy happens to get a high-profile publicity plug. If you think you qualify, says the television ad that drew our attention to this partnership, just dial 1-877-Joe-4-Oil.

Generous Joe is not the only one polishing his public image here. In the mold of the Castro strategy of sending armies of "doctors" and "teachers" among the Latin American poor, Mr. Chávez is trying to shape U.S. public opinion in the hope that more gringos will come to see the Chávez government as benevolent.

It's interesting that Kennedy is building bridges to Chavez while Chavez' own country has made it abundantly clear that they don't want him anymore.

Oh the life of a Kennedy, always at the wrong bridge at the wrong time.

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