Sunday, November 26, 2006

More Massive Venezuelan Protests

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An estimated 1.4-million people protested against the government of Hugo Chavez and it's not just Caracas:

The massive outpour seen today in Caracas is by no means an isolated event. Tomorrow or the day after I shall post photos of this week's events in Carora, San Carlos, Valera, Barinas, Merida, Caracas, Valencia and San Felix. A few days ago I invited chavistas reading this site to send pictures of Chavez' rallies similar to the ones I have posted, Chavez being the guy who's going to win hands down the election with 80% support and all, to gather similar crowds would be a piece of cake, wouldn't it? Pictures say otherwise for not even in his native Barinas two days ago was he able to outnumber Rosales' crowd. Don't tell this to MSM representatives though, they may choke with reality.
Gateway Pundit has many more links.

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