Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another Reason to Be Thankful

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Another local soldier comes home. Via my friend Leslie Drummond:

Hi everyone,

Just got back from welcoming home another soldier from Iraq. Lt. Adam Slepian came to his home in Marlton NJ at 3:30 pm today. The neighborhood was decorated with a zillion yellow ribbons. Many of us hung them last night. Also, the Evesham Fire Dept. brought their biggest firetruck, they extended the ladder over the street and hung a gigantic American flag over the street. They also had their lights flashing. Tons of people were there to applaud and hoot and hollar when Adam came up the street. You can watch the whole story tonight on the 11pm news on NBC 10. The reporter Doug Shimell was there and is putting together a wonderful, Touching story about this homecomming. For those of you who are not local, you can watch it on It will be on the website after 11 tonight.

Channel 10 was invited to the Slepians for Thanksgiving so he will do another story tomorrow night.

Thank you all for your countless donations. Adam told me today that he received our packages "all the time" and he and his soldiers really enjoyed the support. So, on behalf of Adam and his friends, thank you.


No Leslie, thank you and thank you Lt. Slepian.

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