Thursday, September 21, 2006

Polls and Bush

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The president has increased his approval rating repeatedly as I've noted several times in the last week. How can this be with an unpopular war going on and the constant drumbeat of negativity from the Dems and left?

R.C. Cox sums it up in two sentences:

"I believe he has made the country more secure," said R.C. Cox, a police officer from North Little Rock, Ark., who responded to the survey and categorized himself as a political independent. "President Bush has stuck with a nonpopular plan throughout this, and he has been relentless in what he has done."

Bush does not govern by polls and has stuck by his principles. Most Americans hadn't seen that in at least eight years and weren'treally sure how to react to that. They now see that this man is determined to protect our country and will battle with anyone--Democrats, fellow Republicans and allies--to do it.

Bush's stand will ensure that come November, the GOP will retain the House and Senate. The political climate in America is like Florida weather; if you don't like it, wait a few minutes.

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